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voce (Italian: voice) was a temporary project that aims to combine the defined form of a static installation with the transitory states of the present.

The installation is realized by the creation of a solid tetris-brick-like box, with the addition of a small LED matrix panel which scrolls, every 15 seconds, a message written by the author and sent in real time with an SMS.
The public is randomly involved in the action, as somebody walks in its proximity and discovers the transition of the messages.

The focus is not only the interaction with the single observer, but also establishing a wider dialog between author and public on reflectional topics (such art, society, environment, culture, nature, economy, human rights, politics), which will be gradually defined within the lifespan of the project.

The installation is designed to be reusable and re-deployable in future cycles, making the action repeatable in a new context, and to run standalone with solar energy to keep the minimum impact on the hosting place.